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PvNP Panel I’ve had the honor of being chairperson of Georgia Tech’s Big O Theoretical Computer Science Club for the past two years. Today I moderated a panel on PvNP with Richard Lipton, Scott Aaronson, Lance Fortnow, Ryan Williams, and our club’s founder, Dylan McKay! It speaks to how much the TheoryCS community values inspiring and educating young computer scientists that these giants in complexity theory were willing to spend their night discussing the classic and fundamental problem of PvNP: whether any problem with an efficiently checkable solution is also efficiently solvable. While there are many interesting approaches that may have the potential to solve this problem, the consensus was that we are not close to a solution, but the answer is likely that P does not equal NP (although this was not unanimous). Richard Lipton even wrote a blog post on the panel. Thank you to the panelists and Georgia Tech CoC for helping to host.